Sarah Mack

Sarah Mack

Welcome to my Design portfolio! 


Information and Data Design

Information visualization | data design

Information is beautiful! As technology advances and the world becomes more connected, our ability to access information is easier then ever before. With this increase in availability there needs to be an increase in accessibility; we have all this data but we don't know how to read it! Information and data design take boring ol' data and make it beautiful! View some of my information and data design projects to jump into a world of beauty and clarity. 


Grizzly Beers

App and web design | branding | ux/ui design

Welcome to Grizzly Beers, the app that allows users to hunt down and keep track of their favorite bears.. I mean beers! This app was designed for beer enthusiasts who love to try beer and actually remember where they did so! It allows users to search for beers or bars that have them on tap, keep track of them, and talk about them with their friends. So if you're a beer enthusiast grab your phone and your wallet because its beer hunting season!


Mini Dutch Pancakes

kiosk design | branding

During my time with Love Kaizen, a design studio out of London, I was given the challenge of designing and branding a kiosk. The kiosk was to sell mini dutch pancakes. The client wanted the kiosk to stand out from the competition while bringing a little fun and whimsy along. You can view the final results of the kiosk design below. This kiosk is now up and running in central London so enjoy because everyday is a pancake day!


Typeface Design

typeface design | kerning | leading

The goal of this project was to create a typeface that was versatile. I wanted something that I could use for large headers and display type along with something that could be used for small texts in books or articles. The resulting design is called Mack (named after myself). It is a quirky typeface that brings a little attitude to the written word.