Sarah Mack

Grizzly Beers

app and web design | branding | ux/ui design

Welcome to Grizzly Beers, the app that allows users to hunt down and keep track of their favorite bears.. I mean beers! This app was designed for beer enthusiasts who love to try beer and actually remember where they did so! It allows users to search for beers or bars that have them on tap, keep track of them, and talk about them with their friends. So if you're a beer enthusiast grab your phone and your wallet because its beer hunting season!


final screen selections

Mobil | desktop


Home page

This is the home page for the Grizzly Beers app. From here users can navigate to any part of the site. The mobile app utilizes a dark background. This is to ensure that when the app is opened up in a dark bar, a bright screen doesn't overwhelm the user. Although this application was originally designed for mobile usage, it can also be accessed via your desktop. For the desktop version, the main screen background colors are lighter. 


Beer search result

When a user searches for a specific beer, the site will bring them to a page like this. In this case the user searched for "Triple Threat". Here specific information about the beer, including type, origin, and brewery, can be found. The user also has the option of adding the searched beer  to their beer list as well as rate it.


Cheers to your beers!

This page is all about you and your beer. It holds an archive of all the beer that you have searched, saved, rated, and shared. It allows you to search through your beers so that you can find them again. This page also contains all of the information that you have saved about your beers as well as a galley of photos that you took. 


Design breakdown