Sarah Mack

Information and Data Design

Information visualization | data design


fuel company perception in new zealand


Over the course of seven years, customers of six different fuel companies were polled about their sentiments towards these companies. That data was collected to give fuel companies an idea of how they were perceived to the public eye in the hopes of righting any wrongs. This data also gave the fuel companies an insight into how they were doing compared to their competition. Below is a graph detailing costumer perception of six fuel companies across New Zealand over seven years. 


peru infographic


The infographic below gives insight into Peru's economy and population. By comparing Peru to its neighbors and other countries, I was able to gain insight into how Peru stacked up. The infographic also provides an historical timeline of Peru which highlights main events in this countries life. This data was collected in 2011.


phone usage over a week


How much time do we really spend on our phones? Which applications do we use most often? Well I wanted to find out so I recorded my phone usage over a week. Below is a infographic that displays the data that I collected over that week.