Sarah Mack

Mini Dutch Pancakes


During my time with Love Kaizen, a design studio out of London, I was given the challenge of designing and branding a kiosk. The kiosk was to sell mini dutch pancakes. The client wanted the kiosk to stand out from the competition while bringing a little fun and whimsy along. You can view the final results of the kiosk design below. This kiosk is now up and running in central London so enjoy because everyday is a pancake day!


kiosk design


Front panels

In total I need to design 5 separate panels. The mockup below shows the front 2 panels. The shape and size of the kiosk were previously established by the kiosk leaser. Therefor my challenge was to design around these existing parameters. The main parameter was the circular element in the middle of the top panel. This would be where the logo would go so the logo had to become circular as well. 


Side panels

The 3 remaining side panels can be viewed in the mockup below. The goal of this design was to get customers attention immediately. With large images and bold branding this main goal was achieved. Scroll down to read more about the branding and design decisions for the kiosk.


Design breakdown